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Following instructions. A lost art?

I read often about how life in a digital age, where we are bombarded with vast swathes of easily digestible information, has resulted in a population who have short attention spans and aren’t interested in detail.  Until this week I would have disagreed with this sweeping generalisation. However…I’m now not so sure how sweeping and […]

The power of storytelling

“This buggy signifies everything that ended my happy carefree low cost child free life” – lessons from eBay on the power of storytelling ‘Storytelling’ is in vogue, as a dynamic tool to bring research findings to life. A couple of recent eBay listings would seem to confirm the power of storytelling: Joel Andresier of Southampton […]

Getting my hustle on

Getting my hustle on So you’re now either picturing Paul Newman or Tom Cruise in a dimly lit pool hall or maybe even hearing the brilliant Van McCoy telling us all to ‘Do the hustle’. For a word most often associated with manipulation and deceit, it really caught my attention at a recent event I […]

Times have changed, and so have we!

Say hello to Breathe Ltd. Well done to those eagle eyed readers who’ve spotted that we’ve dropped ‘Research’ from our name. We still do research.  But we also do so much more.  And we wanted our name to reflect that. Our view, and our clients’ view, is that research and insight is only as valuable […]

Don’t brand me – the Millenial brand challenge

Much has been written of the Millennial generation and their attitudes towards brands.  Whilst they’re highly brand aware, they tend to identify with brands that demonstrate authentic values.  Hence the rise of the idea brand over luxury or glamour based offerings. And, as an increasingly narcissistic group who are more interested in their own lives […]

How neuroscience has proven what Shakespeare knew all along

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so” William Shakespeare Neuroscience is now proving what Shakespeare so rightly intuited – that the power of our thoughts shapes the very nature of our brains.  Of course, this is important in the world of counselling, therapies and life coaching but also in our […]

A glimpse into the future: making sense of scents

It’s extraordinary how captivating imagery and vigorous music can not only affect our emotions or mood, but is capable of stimulating other senses that are beyond vision and hearing. One of the better examples of recent advertising campaigns that aim to capture taste and flavour via the audio-visual medium, are the award winning Lurpak commercials […]

Is God a good marketing strategy?

We’ve seen God portrayed in myriad ways and most often as father figure or protector but rarely as a marketing force (unless you count ‘Catholicism WOW’ and ‘Buddy Christ’ in the brilliantly funny Dogma!). A new study by researchers from Stanford University found that when the concept of the divine was used in advertising, even […]